Planning With Parents In Mind

It may have been almost six years ago, but it feels like it was only yesterday that my husband and I searched tirelessly for a preschool for our daughter to attend. I remember the brochures, the open houses, and email messages to Directors with tons of questions about their program. We wanted what all parents want; a safe, nourishing, and enriching environment where we could leave our child confident that she would be content until we returned for her. Thankfully, we were able to enroll her at the very preschool that I attended many years ago. While it was across town and not the most convenient commute, we felt safe with her there and knew that all of her needs would be catered to. Two years later my son would join her and this was their school home until they later joined me at the elementary school where I taught.

I share this story to show that as a parent, I understand all that goes into the process of choosing an early learning environment that suits your family.  Every concern and desire that we had during our search has influenced our planning of Discovery PitStop.  Flexible hours, experienced staff, arts and technology infused curriculum, stroller parking… All efforts to incorporate what we wanted in an early learning environment. While there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to children, we did our best to consider all families when designing our space, policies, and educational program.

On June 11th we hosted our first “Porch Event” meet and greet.  I had the opportunity to meet many interested parents and share the plans for our program. With our facility still under construction, it was my goal to help parents see the vision for the completed space. I look forward to meeting and hearing from many more parents during the summer months as we continue to develop our program. As an educator it is my priority to present each family with a curriculum that helps their child to develop socially and academically. As a parent it is my priority to be aware of what Moms and Dads want for their children and to provide conveniences that make each day as seamless and successful as possible.

I look forward to taking this journey with you. Please stay tuned for all that Discovery PitStop has to offer!

Linique McCoy, Director